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Wisteria NEW! | DayLightWisteria NEW! | DayLight
אזל במלאי

Wisteria NEW! | DayLight

₪ 14 ₪ 17.90
Wisteria NEW! | Soy CandleWisteria NEW! | Soy Candle
אזל במלאי

Wisteria NEW! | Soy Candle

₪ 120 ₪ 139.90

New Painted Holiday 3-wick

The new 100% soy wax 3 wick jar offers flawless burns. The strength/throw is medium high, no sooting, & the wax pools quickly. There’s no discoloration of the soy wax and it is not high maintenance. The hand painted jar is gorgeous. The leaves and berries are vibrant colors and slightly textured. The fragrance notes are printed on the bottom, a pleasant addition. This is a wonderful gift and fits any decor. There are many other fragrances in this jar design for all scent preferences.

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Every gardener, baker & lover of comforting aromas will love the Farmhouse Candle Collection of floral, bakery, fruit, sweet, herbal & woodsy scents.

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The Boujee Candle Collection of uniquely named fragrances and descriptions evokes a spirit of fun & confidence.

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Balsam & Cedar Large Jar CandleBalsam & Cedar Large Jar Candle

Balsam & Cedar Large Jar Candle

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₪ 109 ₪ 132
Balsam & Cedar Medium Jar Candle
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Balsam Fir Large Jar Candle
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