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Botanicals | Soy Candle

₪ 89 ₪ 124.90
 Botanicals – Fragrant hyacinth and lily of the valley are enhanced with fresh morning dew followed by green bamboo and shimmering meadow grass.

 Morning Dew, Rosewater, Orange Blossom  Lily of the Valley, Pink Jasmine, Hyacinth  Green Bamboo, Lilac Leaves, Meadow Grass

Features: Our Country medium jar, 14oz with 3 wicks for a fast melt, bigger wax pool and perfect for larger-size rooms and for every occasion.

Colored wax, easy-peel label, reusable & recyclable.

Clean, long burning (up to 45+ hours)with lead-free cotton wicks.

COUNTRY & KRINGLE CANDLES are made in the USA incorporating American ingredients and handcrafted from start to finish in Bernardston, MA.

Our candles offers customers a highly-scented colored candle “the way it used to be. ”Our commitment to quality, superior fragrance and attention to detail is unequaled.

Only the highest quality fragrances make it into our lineup with a fragrance level concentration 27-50% higher than our competition.

100% recyclable, sustainable glass jar, Ohio USA.

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